Our electroluminescent emergency egress path lighting is the surest, most failsafe product for building developers, architects and specifiers. It is the first actively powered system listed under the UL 1994 Standard for Floor Proximity Egress Path Marking.


Since our system is only on when needed, it is a more environmentally friendly than alternative egress path lighting systems. Furthermore it significantly reduces operating costs over passive incandescent and photoluminescent egress marking systems by as much as 60%.


Highly visible when active, barely visible when not, our system meets all egress path marking requirements without sacrificing design integrity. The extremely low profile (can be flush mounted) is virtually unseen by day, protecting your building’s beauty and safety elements.

Egress Path Lighting

“Electroluminescent systems offer a brighter light, have a battery backup system that is much longer than the 90 minutes required in the building code, and are supervised.

Lee DeVito